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  • n. Alternative spelling of wild type.


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  • As we've previously noted, only patients whose tumors contain wild-type, that is unmutated KRAS genes, should receive Vectibix therapy.

  • GB: Back-breeding of humans the way that some livestock has been back-bred to early stock, or wild-type animals, could probably produce

    An Interview with Greg Bear for Darwin's Children

  • The idea is that the presence of two copies of the R577X variant predisposes subjects to endurance, whereas the “normal,” or wild-type, gene results in a muscle type better suited to sprint and power events.

    The $1,000 Genome

  • [RT] Of course, in the process we had to improve all of the colours, and the original wild-type GFP was very difficult to use, for many reasons.

    Roger Y. Tsien - Interview

  • At least for the wild-type, there's one amino acid that controls really primary colour of the emission, and the next one to it controls, if you are going to be green, what is your absorbance spectrum.

    Roger Y. Tsien - Interview

  • I cant look anywhere these days without finding a meme - Nature Network (a good one! mutated), Facebook (wild-type), FriendFeed, Google Reader (bannedtype) - I'll try to do them all but this one positively appeals so I will do it first (and maybe never get around to the others).

    December 2008

  • A method for identifying a mutant BRCA2 nucleotide sequence in a suspected mutant BRCA2 allele which comprises comparing the nucleotide sequence of the suspected mutant BRCA2 allele with the wild-type BRCA2 nucleotide sequence, wherein a difference between the suspected mutant and the wild-type sequences identifies a mutant BRCA2 nucleotide sequence.

    Court Rejects Gene Patent - The Panda's Thumb

  • The progress of selection for or against a bithorax-like response to ether treatment in two wild-type populations.

    It's more than genes, it's networks and systems - The Panda's Thumb

  • “Even for an inactivated rather than live virus approach, these features would allow a vaccine to be made from a safer starting material than the corresponding wild-type virus.”

    Fake virus could make safe new vaccines « Isegoria

  • They hoped these would stimulate the immune system in the same way as “wild-type” polio, without causing disease, and that is what appears to have happened, they wrote.

    Fake virus could make safe new vaccines « Isegoria


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