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  • n. Plural form of wildcat.


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  • The impression of its foot on a patch of moist mould was almost as large as that of the lynx himself -- and the lynx well knew that the wildcats were a small-footed tribe.

    The Watchers of the Trails A Book of Animal Life

  • March 14th, 2010 at 4: 51 pm this was one tough miss st team … kudos to rick … he brought his team to play but in the end the wildcats were a step ahead when they needed to be …

    Kentucky Sports Radio

  • Three fourths of the claims had been settled; satisfactorily to all concerned by the larger and more responsible companies; on a basis of offered compromise by those institutions tottering on the brink of insolvency; dubiously, or with craven and flagrant unfairness by the stricken "wildcats," the irresponsible undergrounders of America and Europe.

    White Ashes

  • Then it must have fallen out during his struggles on the road, for several times he had been on his back, with those "wildcats" clawing at him.

    Darry the Life Saver The Heroes of the Coast

  • Within a week of its opening, I saw the first "wildcats" sticker in someone's back window. Main RSS Feed

  • These include several wild animals of the desert such as wildcats, rabbits, bustards, and deer. - Articles related to Global climate change causing decline in lizard species

  • That said snares are brutal and indiscriminate devices that kill many non-target species including wildcats and there are alternatives such as wildcats themselves; their staple food is rabbit, they defend their territory against foxes and feral cats and they don't need a licence to kill hares.

    Indymedia Scotland Features RSS Feed

  • We could buy 220 ch47's and ahundred more 'wildcats' if we has a clear oput of the officers mess!!!

    Army Rumour Service

  • It will cost him and his other "cat regime" supporters but the end results will be a few "wildcats" less and less costly for those of you whom have been imprisoned by the Human Society. "


  • Yet despite the deluge of wildcats, and the eventual cascade of new factory rounds that followed, Page was essentially a one-gun hunter.

    What We Can Learn From Lefty


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