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  • noun In ornithology, a pouch connected with the gullet and capable of being distended with air when a bird is ‘showing off.’ Such wind-bags are present in the frigate-bird, the great bustard, and others.


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  • He listens actively as Welsh orates, but internally he makes faces at the pompous wind-bag.

    Lucky Jim (copy)

  • I say he's nothing (and has never been anything) but an opportunistic wind-bag who will say and do ANYTHING that he thinks will get him elected!!

    Arizona senators call for stronger security on border with Mexico

  • He listens actively as Welsh orates, but internally he makes faces at the pompous wind-bag.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • He is doing nothing to dispel the widely-held view that he is a giant wind-bag.

    Republican presidential debate in Iowa - as it happened

  • Albany, meanwhile, is struggling right now largely because of a drastic deficit of leadership, because of the inability of our impotent, wind-bag of a governor to tame the wilds of the State Senate, to reap fruits from a Democratic majority, or to secure votes for his policy.

    Will Schwartz: What We're Not Saying: Why I Miss Eliot Spitzer

  • Byrne darn near beat a vacuous wind-bag who outspent her how many times over?

    Democratic Governor Primary/Caucus

  • Take Rhodri Morgan please – somebody, anyone … Rhodri is such a wind-bag that if someone plugged him into the national grid we could forget about the LNG pipeline now straggling across much of South Wales.

    Environment day

  • The evening drew on, and at dusk they started on foot, Rosa pulling up the edge of her skirt under her cloak out of the way of the dews, so that it formed a great wind-bag all round her, and carrying her satin shoes under her arm.

    Life's Little Ironies

  • He is painted green, and carries a wind-bag on his back, a long sack tied at each end, with the ends brought over his shoulders and held in his hands.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • “What a wind-bag it is, to be sure!” thought his companion, as he smoked and listened, in a gently ironic silence, to abuse of the Government.

    Australia Felix


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