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  • And perhaps hope that some other poor beleaguered soul out there will chime in withtheir own sad tale, thus making me feel less adrift.

    Fierce Discontent

  • What all that means isthe growth is across the whole category, not just withtheir books.

    John Brown – the author’s official site » 2010 » June

  • Aside from the fact that Shutter Island is making some solid money right now, they also fared well during Oscar season, withtheir Jason Reitman pictureUp in the Air showing up on the Best Picture ballot, as well as being nominated for its script, direction, and a wealth of acting awards.

    Stranded on Shutter Island in February: How Scorsese built a raft and sailed home anyway! | MovieChopShop

  • Now, the mood of the country has shifted with 9/11, the debacle in Iraq and the awful neocons and the partisianship of the GOPalong withtheir corruption and scandalsas well aswiretapping to the Patriot Actstripping our civilliberties anddetaining American citizens indefinitely without charges.

    Obama Says He Can Flip Deep South States. But Can He Really?

  • Governors, high and dry, and warm and comfortable in their mansions apparently don't share the same wet feet withtheir constituentswhen the boat starts to take on water.


  • I think there are some fathers intheir 80s, and I see them trying to keep up withtheir family.

    Buzzine » ‘Modern Family’ Interviews

  • Both movies even go so far as to feature the plight of enigmatic bald men with the mysterious, quasi-religious power to heal people withtheir mouths!

    Dante 01 (2009)

  • The Kennedys somehow made each of us believe that our particular vision of our nation was about to become reality, withtheir help and with the help of our fellow citizens.

    Isn't America Fun and Interesting Right Now??

  • Everywhere I looked, seemingly ordinary Americans were gorging on foie gras, agonizing over the proper Burgundy to go withtheir lapin and ordering the stinkiest of cheeses without flinching.

    First Person Global

  • Those boys'll jest be back withtheir hands out next March and our beloved taxpayers ain't gonna go fer this.

    How Does it Feel?


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