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  • n. A double process of destructive distillation is necessary, the first producing a mixture of liquid, oily, or tarry substances, which in the second retort, at a higher temperature, evolves gases, chiefly marsh-gas and its homologues, ethylene and other unsaturated hydrocarbons, hydrogen and carbon monoxid, with carbon dioxid in large quantity, this last to be afterward removed by passage over slaked lime. Wood-gas is practically free from sulphur compounds.
  • n. Carbureted hydrogen obtained from wood.


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  • Partial combustion of wood or materials such as straw, nutshells, bark or rice hulls, produces a gaseous mixture (wood-gas, producer-gas) with a low calorific value.


  • Prof Pettenkofer, of Munich, was the first to succeed in making illuminating gas from wood; and peat, when operated according to his method, furnishes also a gas of good quality, though somewhat inferior to wood-gas in illuminating power.

    Peat and its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel

  • While wood-gas is practically free from sulphur compounds and ammonia, peat-gas may contain them both, especially the latter, in quantity that depends upon the composition of the peat, which, as regards sulphur and nitrogen, is very variable.

    Peat and its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel

  • • A solar backpack and wood-gas camp stove to technologize your camping;

    Boing Boing

  • This wood-gas generator is fabricated from recycled water heaters.

    Mother Earth News Latest 10 Articles

  • In spring of 1982, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editorial staff took on a project that not only tested the mettle of wood-gas fuel under constant (and sometimes demanding) conditions, but also gave the editors an opportunity to carefully monitor the engine and the fuel-production system, and to make alterations as needed to improve the effectiveness of each component involved.

    Mother Earth News Latest 10 Articles

  • The new setup relies on a 250-cubic-inch Chevrolet six (the engine we pulled from our wood-gas truck when a large-displacement V-8 was installed prior to the alternative fuels auto rally) mated to the transmission from a junked Chevy truck.

    Mother Earth News Latest 10 Articles

  • There, Gelfand sees one end of the Campus Center arena dotted with an electric car, a wood-gas conversion truck, a Smart car and other vehicles.

    SUNY Oswego News

  • Alternative technologies encouraged without being crushed by oil companies. (hydrogen electrolysis, permanent magnet motors, steam, wood-gas, etc.) 10.


  • Andrew King, a partner in Hayden, Cory and King, told the Eagle County commissioners recently that the company has applied for a $25 million federal grant to build a wood-gas electrical generation plant.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories


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