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  • n. A message from God, or a manifestation of his will
  • n. the Scriptures, the Bible, especially when interpreted as the work of God rather than man


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  • The word of God was rare in those days of anarchy and semi-apostasy, when Yahweh partly abandoned Israel to render it conscious of its feebleness and its sins.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Sometimes dreams were vehicles of inspiration among the prophets, as in the case of Jeremiah 31:26, who heard the word of God in a dream.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • To whatever part of the world you travel, to whatever page of history you turn, you find the endowed and established clergy using the word of God in defense of whatever form of slave-driving may then be popular and profitable.

    The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

  • Now they had a supreme power in judgment committed to them, and were thence called #L+H+iJ+M%, or "gods;" for these were they "unto whom the word of God came," who were thence called gods, John x.


  • Scripture do not yet understand it, or come to an useful, saving knowledge of the mind and will of God therein revealed, our other inquiry shall be, how we may come to understand the word of God aright, and what is the work of the Spirit of God in the assistance which he affordeth us unto that purpose.


  • "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God," Rom.x. 17; that is, it is hearing the word of God which is the ordinary means of ingenerating faith in the souls of men.


  • And nothing can rationally pretend unto this privilege but the truth of God manifesting itself in the Scripture; -- and therefore those who will not allow it hereunto do some of them wisely deny that the Scripture's being the word of God is the object of divine faith directly, but only of a moral persuasion from external arguments and considerations; and I do believe that they will grant, that if the


  • A man's word is a little sound which flieth into the air and soon vanisheth; but the word of God is greater than heaven and earth, yea, it is greater than death and hell, for it is the power of God, and remaineth everlastingly.

    God's Way of Peace: A Book for the Anxious

  • The reason of faith or, the grounds whereon the Scripture is believed to be the word of God with faith divine and supernaural.


  • Now I sunk and fell in my spirit, and was giving up all for lost; but as I was walking up and down in the house as a man in a most woeful state, that word of God took hold of my heart, YE ARE JUSTIFIED FREELY BY HIS GRACE, THROUGH THE REDEMPTION THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS.

    Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners


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