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  • noun Plural form of workpiece.


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  • Proper cleanliness of the workpieces is a necessary precondition for proper execution of the work process.

    3. Preparations for milling end faces

  • The rotational speeds of the workpieces should be a little lower than for turning with the same tool material (tool steel v = 6 ... 10 m/min).

    3. Preparation of knurling

  • Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in heating, forging, and inspecting metal workpieces and products.

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  • - Straightness by. applying a batten onto the narrow face;. joining workpieces belonging together according to the light-gap method.

    5. Planing of Narrow Faces

  • Properties of wood, influence of wood defects on the use-value properties of the finished workpieces

    Chapter 3

  • - Wooden workpieces the surface of which is coated with polyester varnishes, have to be laid down horizontally for at least one hour, so that the varnish film will have a uniform thickness and does not run off.

    3. Coating Processes

  • Gluing of wood implies permanently joining several workpieces to improve technical or optical properties.

    11. Gluing of Wood

  • Mark linear measure on the workpieces and cut from length using the angle guide.

    Chapter 7

  • Wash out iron discolourations (blue) with oxalic acid, eliminate discolourations to the red caused by high pressing temperatures by cooling the workpieces for several minutes after pressing. visible and invisible bubbles and similar

    11. Gluing of Wood

  • Milling of broad and narrow faces is the first step of machining the workpieces on the thicknessing miller.

    1. Purpose of Milling at the Smooth Miller


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