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  • adj. Disinclined to work; lazy.


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work +‎ shy


  • Plus the Govt are threatening to overhaul incapacity benefits & start penalising the long-term workshy a bit more for not trying a bit harder to find work.


  • Then you change the definition of 'workshy' and deny many of those very people access to benefits.

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  • In the last week, there have been plenty of references to "workshy" people and "scroungers", and that follows the infamous Osborne remark earlier in the autumn about "lifestyle choices".

    Iain Duncan Smith lets his secular mask slip

  • And when we squirm about the language of "workshy", "layabouts" and "idlers", let's be honest enough to admit it is more often the language of newspapers than MPs.

    The Guardian World News

  • I've always known that I find Tories morally objectionable - that is, I think it is wrong to favour businesses over employees, to force people to work for free, to screw the poor through cutting benefits, to brand people 'workshy' when there just aren't any jobs to be had, to make students pay to access education - but I've accepted with disappointment that there are people in society who think differently.

    The Guardian World News

  • You keep banging on about how we should punish the 'workshy' and those all those public sector workers with easy jobs but as far as I can tell you just sit on the Independent website all day making dull comments.

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  • Concerned Queen wants Kate Middleton to shed her 'workshy' image Concerned that Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has been without a job for some time and is perceived to be doing nothing other than socializing and waiting for the Prince to propose, the Queen has suggested that Kate involve herself with charity work.

    Sawf News - Fashions

  • Dubbed "Waity Katy" in some British media reports, Middleton's friends claim that reports suggesting that she is "workshy" are "utter nonsense". News Feed

  • Welsh singer Tom Jones dubbed workshy WELSH singer Tom Jones was branded workshy by job centre officials who recommended him for work "which wouldn't dirty his fingernails. '' | Top Stories

  • The last refuge of incompetent and talentless local council standard workshy clowns, who sell LAW for cash.



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