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  • Even for many who are not Baha'is, his injunction to humanity to have a "vision that is world-embracing," is recognized as relevant today as when he passed 119 years ago.

    Jonathan Gandomi: The Ascension of Baha'u'llah: 29 May 1892

  • This, too, Biblical literalists demand be taken as absolutely word for word true — that is, there really was (several thousand years ago) a world-embracing deluge overflowing the tops of even the highest mountains, lasting for at least (to quote the Bible, Gen. 7, 24) “a hundred and fifty days.”

    "My problem was, how am I going to draw God?"

  • So asks Gerard Baker in the London Times: When President Bush goes into the Texas sunset, and especially if he is replaced by an enlightened, world-embracing Democrat, their one excuse, their sole explanation for all human suffering in the world will disappear too.

    The Daily Top Five: March 2, 2007

  • * UPDATE: At "Sexless in the City" Anna Broadway has two lovely posts on world-renouncing vs. world-embracing: Sex and death, part I; Sex and death, part II.

    Links for Noting

  • His development, as seen from his autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain, and through his journals, shows a somewhat narrow-minded young Trappist who grew into a world-embracing spiritual leader.

    Letters to the Editor

  • It is my warm & world-embracing Christmas hope that all of us that deserve it may finally be gathered together in a heaven of rest & peace, & the others permitted to retire into the clutches of Satan, or the Emperor of Russia, according to preference — if they have a preference.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • Amnesty International is a world-embracing movement working for the protection of human rights.

    Amnesty International - History of Organization

  • In the first volume of Capital, Marx declares that 'the modern history of capital dates from the creation in the sixteenth century of a world-embracing commerce and a world-embracing market.'

    Taking Off

  • Impelled by historic forces that only he was in a position to appreciate, the Guardian announced the launching at the forthcoming Rid. ván of a decade-long, world-embracing Plan, which he designated a “Spiritual Crusade”.

    Century of Light

  • Starvation of the enemy becomes a detail of what is considered good military strategy in war time, just as world-embracing charity has become a characteristic of all civilization during times of peace.

    The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol. 1, January 9, 1915 What Americans Say to Europe


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