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  • adjective rare Alternative form of worldly.


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world +‎ -y?


  • The "worldy"-ness of MMOs like ours or Simutronics' demands a lot from the user in terms of committment to the world and a willingness to at least somewhat play along with the fiction.

    Which Broader Market?

  • I had to bring a plate to a concert of songs from musical theatre, so I thought the crowd would be "worldy" enough to have a laugh.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • I haven't played Fable or the Elder Scrolls games, but I take it that's the goal with them -- a more "worldy" solo game experience.

    The Forsaken

  • But I would say that the minute you add people into the equation, esp. people with some sort of constructive power and a need to interact, you've got a different kind of "worldy" game.

    The Forsaken

  • Seasonal and other scheduled world-wide changes, modifications to the world that become persistent, complex ecosystems & economies, etc., could all probably be put in the "worldy" category.

    The Forsaken

  • If I had to characterize the difference, I'd say that the "worldy" games are more simulationist, have more possible activities, are not centered solely around combat and loot, and are less directed.

    The Once and Future MMO

  • SWG is "worldy", but there's nary a drop of non-consensual PvP in it.

    The Once and Future MMO

  • Making things more confusing are his uncle Jeff, a 'worldy' professional bass player and cousin Karen, a firebrand who alternates between demeaning Gabe and alluring him.

    Portland Mercury

  • To beat Aston Villa 6-0 was a wonderful result but our lads dug in when we had to, defended well and the goalkeeper Matty Gilkes pulled off some absolutely 'worldy' saves.

    Give Me Football Featured Content

  • Her style has become more 'worldy' as she has matured and her music has become celebratory African.



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