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  • adv. In a worrisome way.


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  • I finally exchanged 12 rupees approximately 27 cents for two vada pav smothered in green chutney worrisomely darkened from oxidation.

    Pow, Right in the Fritter

  • But it is worrisomely clear that the task of putting millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans back to work will take an anguishing amount of time.

    Notable & Quotable

  • The big mid-show number from Fela started off worrisomely with some hideous, screechy singing from a woman wearing a hat twice as big as her head, but once she stopped harshly bellowing at us, it turned into something fine, with wonderful dancing by some very hot dancers wearing very little clothing, and one heck of a gorgeous, half-naked, well-muscled conga drummer.

    Tallulah Morehead: Actors, Singers, Dancers, Christians and a Republican. The 2010 Tony Awards Show roasted.

  • The military campaign has been put off from June and support for the Taliban remains worrisomely strong.

    Doug Bandow: President Obama: Why Are We in Afghanistan?

  •  Judging from figures obtained from the registrar's office in Al-Aqsa hospital, a small hospital in central Gaza, children aren't always quite that high a percentage of the victims, though still worrisomely numerous.

    Waiting For The Ceasefire

  • Mr. Buckley has a worrisomely tough time laying the groundwork for this premise, but his idea soon yields the exquisitely dizzy, Wodehouse-style mischief that is his specialty.

    Boomsday: Summary and book reviews of Boomsday by Christopher Buckley.

  • We really should have initiated that energy Apollo Project after the second crisis in 1979, for now, the doom projected by some, is worrisomely close at hand.

    Patrick Takahashi: The Free Green Energy Age (Part 5)

  • Perhaps their haste to scarper indicated they knew something the market and Daimler didn't, like the fact that a company whose profitability was solely dependent on sales of retrograde SUVs and pickups was worrisomely vulnerable to upturns in gasoline prices, a widely anticipated wave of new Asian competition, and the inevitably shifting pendulum of automotive fashion.

    Jamie Lincoln Kitman: Chrysler At The Gates Of Hell

  • This four-story brick job on Union Street near Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn looks like a good candidate for the dirt—check out the worrisomely crooked line the right-hand wall takes as it travels skyward.

    A Positive Slant

  • More worrisomely, al Qaeda was able to transform itself from a group into a movement.

    How to Manage Savagery


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