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  • adj. Having great worth or value; valuable; important; dignified; stately; excellent; worthy; deserving (of).

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  • Worthy; excellent.


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From Middle English worthely, wurthlich, from Old English weorþlīc ("important, valuable, splendid, worthy, estimable, honorable, distinguished, exalted, fit, becoming"), equivalent to worth +‎ -ly. Cognate with Old High German werdlīh.


  • There are many other proposed developments (even along N Williams) that are more worthly of tax exemption benefits in this tight economic climate than the Albert Apartments.

    Jack Bog's Blog: June 2009 Archives

  • I don't doubt that he's impressive and qualified, but lecturer status means that he's a teacher, not a scholar in the sense of having had his publications deemed worthly of tenure.

    Obama Camp To Hillary: Not So Fast With That Coronation

  • The Becks, the Limbaughs and the Savages seem to be at the top of this heap, and it is not a worthly or life-affirming place to be.

    Wingnut Murder Spree or Are WE Part of the Problem?

  • Google has to crawl every 1 and do a mathematical calculation to establish which one's are worthly with the page that has built it's reputation, Page 1.

    Charles McCain author of "An Honorable German" - Loaded Questions Author Interview

  • If a candidate has something to say about the opponent and disagrees with them on and ISSUE, point out the difference in an intelligent manner, a manner that relfects the character of a human worthly of holding such an office.

    Morning Buzz: War of words and Wall St. woes

  • The soul that has been purified by grace is also in a more remote yet real sense a worthly bride of Lord.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • Depending on who you are, it is either a dull as dishwater worthly film about ballet with a potentially great actress, or a worthwhile film about ballet with a mediocre ballerina.

    The Guardian World News

  • I am Pleas'd at Mr Perrys Choice in Putting you under the care of Dr. Gooch our Governours brother supposing him to be endowed with the same noble Qualitys that our Governour is whose temperate & Gentlemenly behav: iour among us worthly render him a fit Pattern to square our Morals by who have the honour to be frequently in his con: versation

    Letter from Robert Carter to Lewis Burwell, June 26, 1729

  • If Haden and Ward can do their draft spots worthly and develop into solid players at the pro level, the Browns could shore up their secondary which has been one of the weakest links on their team from recent years. Top Stories RSS

  • The O'Dea case is receiving (worthly) enormous coverage - he has to go.


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