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  • adj. That wriggles.

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  • adj. moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion


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  • The robot rose ecstatically into the air, pursuing a kind of wriggly path.

    Mostly Harmless

  • As a fan of the book, the book that essentially started this whole genre of undead pirates, voodoo magic and giant captains with wriggly beards, I can't wait to see this. austin this could work i mean Disney needs someone to replace Keira Knightly's character and since this is suppose to be a new step and a fresh start in this franchise

    Penelope Cruz Joining Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Not Doing Melancholia | /Film

  • I'm sure there was something in the works of the late Douglas Adams about someone who had a job designing meanders or, as we know them, better the "wriggly bits on rivers", and what bliss, and suddenly it turns out this job exists.

    From toxic sewer to natural haven, the river Wear's return from the dead

  • Half a mile up from the Wear, people like Richard are introducing new wriggly bits on rivers for the benefit of the fish, who like their journeys to be interesting.

    From toxic sewer to natural haven, the river Wear's return from the dead

  • One squirming, wriggly body that howls to jump in a freezing cold pool; that streaks across a sun-drenched lawn after a soccer ball; that is cajoled into clearing the plate before him; that circulates happily among the adults for goodnight hugs after the evening bath time.

    Rev. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson: A Prayer For Japan

  • It was a small cylindrical beaker of about 4 inches in height, of very clear glass (harder to attain in those eras) and with a few decorations that looked like wriggly worms with hands at the end, in clear and teal blue glass.

    Vermeer and Rembrandt at the Vancouver Art Gallery « Colleen Anderson

  • She was so wriggly, people noticed and formed a circle around them.

    Shore Thing

  • Usually, during the Tuesday-afternoon slump between Dancing With the Stars installments, I get all wriggly and irritable and do not have “beautiful lines” as I start jonesing for my next fix of sophisticated televised dancing.

    It's always funny when Charlie dances-phia |

  • It began with Jose Vidal's 2010 Loop, featuring a wriggly Moebius strip of grungily clad dancers stripping to their underwear, then jumped to grainy documentary film from the 1970s in which the clothes were more eye-catching than mere flesh.

    This Is the Place

  • “The challenge now is to figure out which of these wriggly willies is our biter.”

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Shock Treatment


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