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  • As she stroked his wrist-thick member to a Hitlerian salute, Boo's brain returned to its full power and he thought Ah'd shore like me some grits with that.

    Nazisploitation Nanofiction: Entry 12

  • Oh, Galina could touch that wrist-thick white rod, stroke its smooth surface, yet however hard she strained, she could not make her hand close on it.

    Knife of Dreams

  • By the old method Build a fire using about 20 wrist-thick pieces of wood measuring about 14 inches long.

    Celebration Breads

  • As well they might have, since a wrist-thick wooden stake stood out from between her breasts.

    The Path of Daggers

  • Even the wrist-thick hairy stem of poison ivy climbing to open sky along the trunk of a oak was a friend because it was a commonplace of Garric's past.

    Lord of the Isles

  • His foot turned on a wrist-thick root festooned with hairy suckers and he almost fell.

    Lord of the Isles

  • Rhea was a pretty, round-faced woman born not two miles from where the manor now stood, her dark hair in a wrist-thick braid to her waist.

    Lord of Chaos

  • Pevin, both hands clutching the wrist-thick shaft of the Trolloc spear through his chest and the first expression on his face Rand had ever seen.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • The head of the hammer was a roughly cast piece of iron about the size and shape of a pint of beer in a big glass mug, and its shaft was a stocky, wrist-thick piece of ancient oak with leather strapping bound about its handle.

    The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

  • There was a buzz from rows of oil capacitors, and a roar from the spark gap as wrist-thick arcs jumped across it.

    The Greatest Hacker of All Time, by N. Small (Nikola Tesla)


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