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  • n. Treatment with or exposure to x-rays.
  • n. Radiation composed of x-rays.

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  • n. See radiation.

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  • n. obtaining images by the use of X rays
  • n. electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target


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  • Absorptiometry = a technique that measures the density or mass of a material bone or fat by comparing the amounts of x-radiation of two different energies that it absorbs


  • Compared to the genuine inferno of the Sagittarian arm of the Milky Way — nearly lifeless, seething with deadly gamma and x-radiation blasted out from the galactic hub, clogged by colossal interstellar dust clouds and minefields of cosmic debris, and infested with malignant little black holes and the weird oscillating novae that generate stable transactinide elements — dreary Phlegethon was a Garden of Eden.

    Sagittarius Whorl

  • The x-radiation and ionization levels were within acceptable range.

    Perseus Spur

  • Made itchy by the sunspots, it was emitting significant amounts of x-radiation.

    Perseus Spur

  • In June that year the group was awarded a grant of Pounds 13006 by the Royal Society 'to study x-radiation from the Sun and other stellar sources'.

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  • This latter is (a) at least mildly nephrotoxic in healthy people (and I was already having kidney problems) and (b) accumulates in the thyroid and, being radio-opaque, causes deposition of larger amounts of x-radiation energy into the thyroid.

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  • Nature, they found that HLX-1 is spewing 10 times as much x-radiation as stellar-mass black holes normally do, suggesting that the object is much heavier.

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  • Usual bi-polar disorder mania trileptal dose for bladder cancer: 50 to 70 mg/m2 dangerously once every 3 to 4 authors (as a present inhibitor for the store of advanced ache cancer in sons without strength of daily x-radiation or chemotherapy).


  • NIR or near infrared transmission (NIT), microwave and x-radiation have become three of the most widespread techniques used by processors to determine fat content in sorted raw meat.

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  • While the x-radiation tells you something about the total mass, you need to get the scaling just right. "

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