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  • n. The speculative biology of extraterrestrial life forms


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From Ancient Greek ξένος (ksenos, "foreign, strange") + biology.


  • Exobiology sometimes also called astrobiology or xenobiology is the term for the study of both extraterrestrial life and the effects of outer space on living things.

    Week in Words

  • Here is a greatwrite-up on the xenobiology of Pandora, the fictional planet featured in the movie Avatar.

    Avatar Zoology and Xenobiology « Biodork

  • Dr. Adun Zelnaga, the head of the xenobiology and treatment wing of the Galindus Medical Center on Deck 196 of the Lighthouse.

    Alternity Campaign Gets Underway! « Geek Related

  • “If anybody aboard Titan was going to find that sort of pattern, it would be our resident xenobiology and ecology experts.”

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire

  • This is just an ordinary energy-resource expedition, with a bit of xenobiology thrown in as practice for Varian, and to keep the heavy-worlders fit and the youngsters occupied while the EV chases that cosmic storm.

    Cattle Town

  • Zang Henry of the Space Patrol isn't happy when his second in command proves not too flash at interstellar xenobiology.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • Now, if I could zoom out from space back down to the cellular level and explored the xenobiology of a grox world , maybe screwed with it to do whacky things to their ocean, and then zoomed back out fluidly for a space battle, THAT would have been impressive.

    Scientists: Spore Sucks

  • I'm going to note without comment the fact that she's fascinated by xenobiology, having made first contact with Martians, but is so bad at math that she can't major in it and has to major in English instead.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The Legacy of Heorot tells the story of colonization and the perils of misunderstanding xenobiology.

    One I wish I had missed

  • Bear spends a great deal of time showing the daily life of the Martian, including a couple of forays into the xenobiology of Mars that is discovered by its human inhabitants.

    Archive 2006-12-01


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