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  • n. The genocide of an entire alien species.
  • n. The intentional killing of an entire foreign (plant or animal) species.


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  • Orson Scott Card came up with an awesome/well written sci-fi story that talks about sociology (to a degree), xenocide, racism, nationalism, science and religion.

    Think Progress » Rep. Paul Broun: The ramifications of health reform will be like ‘the Great War of Yankee Aggression.’

  • The set that includes humans has been "superimposed" on the native set by a longpast experiment in "terraforming," which came close to xenocide.

    Orson Scott Card's Three-Decade Run

  • Pete Sims worked homicide, but when homicide turned to xenocide, or even if there just happened to be an alien species lurking in the background, he would call us in on a case so we could earn a nominal consulting fee.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • This starship is to be used for the immediate transport of xenologers Marcos Vladimir "Miro" Ribeira von Hesse and Ouanda Qhenhatta Figueira Mucumbi to the nearest world, Trondheim, where they will be tried under Congressional Indictment by Attainder on charges of treason, malfeasance, corruption, falsification, fraud, and xenocide, under the appropriate statutes in Starways Code and Congressional Orders.

    Speaker for the Dead

  • Then, when he knew that he had killed all the buggers alive, when he understood the act of xenocide that he had unwittingly committed, that was the look of his own face in the mirror, bearing guilt too heavy to be borne.

    Speaker for the Dead

  • Ultimately though OSC isn't that great of a science fiction author and some of his books show it more than others (cough * xenocide* cough).

    Ask MetaFilter

  • Along the way, Ender encounters various characters that make his young life even worse, in addition to his own guilt over being a xenocide (a term whose source is explained in this novel).

    Grasping for the Wind

  • Its body count ranges all the way from fatal public shower beatings to xenocide, of course, and while it is as slavishly devoted to hierarchical oppression as all of Card’s stuff, we do get a little taste of exploration of the questions Battle Royale seems to tap more deeply in a broader field.

    Battle Royale in the schools! « Haikasoru: Space Opera. Dark Fantasy. Hard Science.


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