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  • n. Plural form of xenocryst.


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  • Their interpretation fits with studies of xenoliths and xenocrysts, which indicate that there are two chemically distinct layers within the

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  • The deep interior of the North American craton is known only from so-called xenoliths - rock inclusions in igneous rock - or xenocrysts such as diamonds that have been delivered to the surface from deep below by volcanoes.

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  • (U-Th)/He analyses suggest that the zircons as well as their host basalts erupted between 29 and 24 million years ago, but fragments from the same xenocrysts reveal U-Pb ages between 51 and 83 million years.

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  • These sources include the active magma of the eruption in question phenocrysts), crystals from previous magmatism at the volcano (antecrysts) and wholly unrelated crystals (xenocrysts

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