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  • n. The surgical transfer of cells, tissues, or especially whole organs from one species to another.

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  • n. The transplantation of biological or organic matter from a given species into a different one, especially when this matter has been altered (such as by genetic engineering)

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  • n. a surgical procedure in which tissue or whole organs are transfered from one species to another species


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From xeno- +‎ transplantation.


  • They have kept pig lungs functioning with human blood, paving the way for animal-human transplants - called xenotransplantation - in as little as five years.

    AustralianIT.com.au | Top Stories

  • The hope, he believes, lies in xenotransplantation, essentially a process of growing organs from animals that are compatible with a recipient's immune system.

    A Delicate Balance

  • The early discussion of ethical issues raised by chimeras occurred under the heading of xenotransplantation, the use of non-human animals as a source of cells, tissues, or organs for transplantation into humans (Institute of Medicine 1996).

    Human/Non-Human Chimeras

  • The possibility of a public health crisis arising from a transmissible infection crossing species boundaries, a significant concern with xenotransplantation, is greatly reduced when the source of the biological material is human and the recipient a non-human animal confined to a laboratory.

    Human/Non-Human Chimeras

  • The main ethical problems included the health risks for the transplant recipient (e.g., a substantial risk of hyperacute rejection and graft-versus-host disease), traditional animal ethics issues, concerns about informed consent (complicated by empirical uncertainties and the possibility of legally mandated life-long health surveillance), fair allocation of health care resources, and the public health issue that xenotransplantation would allow viruses to jump the species barrier into humans.

    Human/Non-Human Chimeras

  • We are displacing animal habitats, importing non­native species when we move or migrate, feeding meat products to herbivores, dining on exotic predators, and experimenting with animal hybridization, xenotransplantation and precursors to bio-terrorism in a world made smaller by staggering advances in transportation and global commerce.

    Climate, Poverty and Health~ Lecture

  • On a remote island in Lake Superior, scientists struggle to solve the problem of xenotransplantation -- using animal tissue to replace failing human organs.

    Remember: April 1st is Ancestor Day

  • Many scientists have called for a moratorium on xenotransplantation until such dangers have been overcome.

    Animal-Human Transplants in 5 Years | Impact Lab

  • “That remains the principal anxiety associated with xenotransplantation,” said Warrens.

    Animal-Human Transplants in 5 Years | Impact Lab

  • Mary Shelly advising on the safety of xenotransplantation.

    Crichton at Senate EPW Committee « Climate Audit


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