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  • adj. being five more than forty


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  • The one unresolved motif of hope and redemption in Nineteen Eighty-Four, that of the ‘proles’ and their political freedom xlv, is perhaps the single clearest suggestion as to how Oceanic society may come to change; untainted by Newspeak and therefore not completely subjugated by Ingsoc, the‘proles’ may be Nineteen Eighty-Four’s lasting potential of hope.

    Hope Begins in the Dark: Re-reading Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Fan lao huan tong transform old age to health and purity of baby state and, lxxx first empowerment of universal service, xxxiii, xlv goal of spiritual journey, lxxvii honoring every religion, xxxvi immortality and, lxxi life mission, xxxiii–xli mission of, 209

    Tao II

  • In this portion of the book, Cyrus, who was not born till after 600 B.C., is mentioned by name (Isaiah, xliv, 28; xlv, i); and events which did not take place till a century after the prophet's death are referred to as happening contemporaneously with the writer's account of them.

    The Dor�� Gallery of Bible Illustrations

  • No man so much followed upon earth as Christ himself: and as the Psalmist saith, xlv.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Every king of the world shall send him one of his daughters to be his wife, because it is written, Ps. xlv.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Indignation as we defined it (Def. of the Emotions, xx.) is necessarily evil (IV. xlv.); we may, however, remark that, when the sovereign power for the sake of preserving peace punishes a citizen who has injured another, it should not be said to be indignant with the criminal, for it is not incited by hatred to ruin him, it is led by a sense of duty to punish him.

    The Ethics

  • However, as we said above (IV.xlv. note), none but the envious take delight in my infirmity and trouble.

    The Ethics

  • Whatsoever we conceive in this second way as true or real, we conceive under the form of eternity, and their ideas involve the eternal and infinite essence of God, as we showed in II.xlv. and note, which see.

    The Ethics

  • The contents of chap. xlv: 2, on to chap. li: 59, seem taken from the same volume.

    Theologico-Political Treatise

  • HARRIS: Baghdad battle -- CNN's xlv video of a daylong firefight between American G. I.s and insurgents on Haifa Street.

    CNN Transcript Jan 10, 2007


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