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  • n. Symbols or designations noting ale of certain qualities or degrees of strength, derived originally from marks on the brewers' casks. Compare X, 5.

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  • n. (genetics) normal complement of sex chromosomes in a female
  • adj. denoting a quantity consisting of 20 items or units
  • n. the cardinal number that is the sum of nineteen and one


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  • Mortgage payments must not exceed xx% (xx to be filled in later) of family income from all sources.

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  • OR awk - F: '' | while read xx do chsec - f/etc/security/lastlog - a "unsuccessful_login_count = 0" - s $xx done

  • Sign up for a contract for $xx per month for xx months, and watch Bell increase your prices in a way that won't void the contract.

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  • E.g. To spend more time with my family and to travel, I aim to generate $xx, xxx in passive income by dd / mm / yyyy by saving xx\% of my monthly income.

  • PixelGetColor, cc, xx, yy tooltip % xx% % yy% % cc% return

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  • From the article, by the numbers (xx means no percentage was given for this candidate): xx\% McCain, 26\% Obama - Evangelicals xx\% McCain, 34\% Obama - White Protestants xx\% McCain, 45\% Obama - Protestants

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  • To rename multiple files ls - lt | awk '' | while read xx do fn = ` echo $xx | cut - f1 - d.

  • To list all files in a directory with a particular string ls - ltr | grep - v total | awk '{print $9}' | while read xx do cat $xx | grep "ERROR at line" >/dev/null

  • To change passwords for multiple accounts grep fns/etc/passwd | grep - v abc | awk - F: '{print $1}' | while read xx do passwd $xx pwdadm - c $xx done

  • * The page designation xx is the actual Roman numeral used for the notes in the front of the book before the actual text of the book starts.

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