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  • n. One who yaks; a chatterbox or motormouth.


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yak +‎ -er


  • C-list wingnut yakker Bob Lonsberry has unleashed an avant-garde gamechanger on the struggling Obama administration:

    Balloon Juice » 2009 » February

  • When you're totally bored, don't feign interest by asking questions or giving the yakker other types of positive feedback, perhaps in the form of head nods or ah-ha's.

    Dr. Irene S. Levine: 5 Tips for Handling a Friend who Talks Too Much

  • Talk yakker Bill Cunningham continues referring to Barack Obama as Barack Hussein Obama, demonstrating a passion for journalistic thoroughness that he shows for no other candidate.

    Going to the middle

  • All this may make me a lesser media yakker, I know, but think of the dough I'll be saving on therapy.

    Marty Kaplan: Post-Palin Depression

  • Mueller's media consulting clients have also included radio yakker Rush Limbaugh, the Freedom Alliance (Ollie North's political organization) and Americans for Bush, the group that produced the infamous Willie Horton television ad during the 1988 presidential campaign.

    Buchanan's Shock Troops

  • This aw-shucks faker and cable yakker will spin a populist nativism perfect for his assigned role, freaking-out the rest of the world.

    President McCain's Whacked Appointments

  • News of this year's best chuck-up ride will come from the Ka-yakker, every rifle range will be tested by the Gamekeeper and the Bookhound (more stuffed animals, do we need another giraffe?) and Offspringette will wish she was here.

    Tavistock Goozey Vair

  • Apparently, WTKK wants to hire Howie Carr to become their new drive time morning yakker replacing Michael Graham who replaced Mike Barnicle who replaced Don Imus....remember Imus?

    The Chimes at Midnight

  • And on Election Day 2006, right-wing radio yakker Laura Ingraham gleefully encouraged her listeners to jam a Democratic Party voter helpline.

    G.O.P. Campaign Tactics Reveal True Character

  • So, a caller, irked by Eskin's anti-Ryan rants, offered $1,000 if the sports yakker would suds up the popular coach's feet.

    Phillies Zone


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