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  • v. Present participle of yell at.


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  • She told Tokhtakhounov that his Russian coconspirator “came up to me and started yelling at me, ‘call Alik,’ but Didier forbid me to call, so I could not call.”


  • We started yelling at one another, with me screaming ‘Anthony Rivers is the cutest!’ and her yelling ‘No, Harold Turley!’

    How To Kill Your Boyfriend (In Ten Easy Steps)

  • Varicose veins run in families, which means you should get on the phone and start yelling at your mom and grandmother for passing on lousy genes to you.

    You’ll Lose the Baby Weight

  • As he pulled a pencil-sized splinter of bookcase out of his thigh, Tommy thought that he might have been a little hasty about yelling at Jody for turning him into a vampire.

    You Suck

  • Roars that made Little Ed stop yelling at Rudy or whichever other brother he was beating on, without cutting down much on how many punches he was throwing.

    William S. And The Great Escape

  • Inmates were yelling at Ced to be careful, but he kept on running like a bat out of hell.

    Magic City

  • I was driving to Delaware with Graham Shafer when Tobin called me up and started yelling at me about how there was no campaign infrastructure in Delaware and declared it my fault.

    How to Rig an Election

  • Dilara Kenner was vaguely aware of a banging noise, and it sounded like a voice was yelling at her.

    The Ark

  • I felt like screaming, but yelling at Kelsie would be like kicking a puppy.

    The Education Of Hailey Kendrick

  • “And the next thing I know, the mayor is yelling at me,” Trebaty said.

    Burning Tower


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