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  • v. Present participle of yiff.


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yiff + -ing


  • I'm guessing that "yiffing" is one more thing Paladino enjoys that O'Donnell probably wouldn't be cool with.

    Alphonse D'Amato on Carl Paladino: 'Dangerous', 'Mean-Spirited' And Unfit For Office

  • Log in to Reply natedog (UID#1905) on September 24th, 2009 at 10: 19 pm needs moar yiffing in hell

    Be careful to whom you moon | My[confined]Space

  • There is a rich and varied tradition of cosplay among the Young Guns, who spend each weekend yiffing each other in hotels.

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

  • Every kotal plushie in the world will be yiffing to this!


  • “Yiff” means sex, “yiffy” means horny or sexual, and “yiffing” means mating.

    Pleasures of the Fur

  • I refuse to click on any links while at work that might contain ironic yiffing.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • Yet there is variation, furries, who are covered in the documentary play a big part within Second Life, I've never gone furry so I'm not sure exactly what this all entails but I did used to rent land to a furry who ran a club, I was advised some of the activities within the club may be adult and this is when yiffing entered my vocabulary.

    World of SL

  • Dude you have no clue about the true reason for being a fur, theres nothing wrong with it, and its all not about sex, or yiffing.

    Hartford Advocate: News

  • Does the lack of widespread coverage of this issue and these protests demonstrate that those reporters could just barely understand furries yiffing each other and a complex issue involving statistics, analyses, claims, counter-claims, and virtual real estate markets is entirely beyond their capacity to comprehend and report?

    What Is This Crap?

  • It still flies under the radar of most of the MMORPG community, in part because the hardcore gamers aren’t interested in yiffing, and in part because it’s like so many other of the niche MMOs: isometric, low-end graphics, and far deeper design than most want to give it credit for.

    December 2006


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