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  • My theory is that a malfunctioning household device - possibly a washing machine; I'd imagine yo'd need a powerful spinny thing- gave you access to the multiverse and thus many Adam Roberts.

    Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time 3: The Dragon Reborn (1991)

  • For years, as both my husband Chad's and my weight have yo yo'd, I've begged him to diet along with me but we've never been able to be in sync with our willingness to trudge the road of deprivation.

    One For The Table: Detoxing And Cleansing With Gwyneth

  • And as for you saying yo'd consider voting for McCain

    New Toy

  • If yo'd been half a mon yo wouldna ha 'been content wi' a woman yo'd trapped with sayin '' Aye, 'an' who cared less for yo than she did fur th 'sand on th' sea-shore.

    One Day at Arle

  • When yo wor a little lass gatherin 'sea-weed on th' sands I watched yo when I wor afeared to speak -- afeared lest yo'd gi 'me a sharp answer, fur yo wor ready enow wi' 'em, wench.

    One Day at Arle

  • When yo wur searchin 'fur drift to keep up th' fire after th 'owd mon deed an' left yo alone, happen yo nivver guessed as it wor me as heaped little piles i 'th' nooks o 'th' rocks so as yo'd think 'at th' tide had left it theer -- happen yo didn't, but it wor true.

    One Day at Arle

  • F 'instance, I mon't a kno'd yo'd cum back to Clarendon, seh, some day, cuz yo spends yo money on hit.

    In Her Own Right

  • If I was t 'tell yo' his real name yo'd open yo 'eyes wider yet.

    The Diamond Cross Mystery Being a Somewhat Different Detective Story

  • "Yessum, Ah thought maybe yo'd better see what the cat had, 'cause Ah couldn't make out what 'twas," the cook answered.

    The Bobbsey Twins at the County Fair

  • "Don't yo 'all t'ink yo'd bettah let me make it fo' yo '?"

    The Bobbsey Twins at Home


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