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  • n. A Vedic unit of distance used in ancient India, believed to be approximately 6 to 15 kilometers (4 to 9 miles).

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  • n. In Hindustan, a measure of distance, varying in different places from four to ten miles, but generally valued at about five.


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Sanskrit योजन.


  • The yojana is a measure of uncertain length variously reckoned as equal to nine miles, five, and a little less.

    Ramayana. English

  • "Reshma, we have just approved a 'yojana' (scheme) for new mothers; it will benefit girls like you, yes even if the child does not survive," I told the young woman. Current News - Top Stories

  • Not only was the Buddha able to fathom the impossibly large, but he was also proficient in the realm of the impossibly tiny, explaining how many atoms there were in the yojana, an ancient unit of length of around 10 kilometers.


  • Followers of Jainism, a sister religion to Hinduism, defined a raju as the distance covered by a god in six months if he covers 100,000 yojana in each blink of his eye.


  • Some of my cooking projects turn out to be like governmental panchavarshik yojana (5-year plans) - grand plans that may or may not ever materialize.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • To give the essence of this analogy: Eighty thousand yojana down on the bottom of the ocean there lives a turtle.

    Tagruato Website Unhacked

  • Less than a yojana to the east from this brought them to the city of Kapilavastu; 1 but in it there was neither king nor people.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • South of the city, half a yojana, there is a rock-cavern, in a great hill fronting the south-west; and here it was that Buddha left his shadow.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • Kasyapa Buddha (M. B., p. 97) with the following sentence: — “After his body was burnt, the bones still remained in their usual position, presenting the appearance of a perfect skeleton; and the whole of the inhabitants of Jambudvipa, assembling together, erected a dagoba over his relics one yojana in height!”

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • Going north from here less than a yojana, they came to a town which had been the birthplace of Kanakamuni Buddha.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms


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