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  • v. Present participle of yomp.


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  • Even British English is falling in behind - belatedly, and with a rueful air; but compared to its own slim list of neologisms - mostly upper-class twittish words like 'yomping' - Americanese has proved so fecund in devising new concepts, that its sway over English-thinking minds is assured.

    Chinglish, Hinglish, Spanglish - and Glanglish

  • The iconic image of the conflict was reprinted above: the original photograph taken by Petty Officer Peter Holdgate, Commando Forces Photographer, showed 24 year old Corporal Peter Robinson 'yomping', the Royal Marine slang for a long distance march carrying full kit.


  • No one would deny that it uses time – nearly 15 minutes – much of which, her colleagues complain, is spent yomping from distant offices to the division lobbies and then waiting for the result.

    In praise of ... wasting time | Editorial

  • There had been a power play between the hardline organisers, who wanted us out on drills every second of the day, and Dr Nirdosh, who tended towards the benefits of pampering baths and an hour of meditation over yomping up hills carrying a heavy metal pole.

    How to look younger? longer

  • Whilst DGR commences sipping cocktails at sea, I shall be yomping amongst the undergrowth and puddles of music fans in the fields of Darkest Cornwall, stewarding my freshly purchased hiking boots off at the Lowender Festival.

    Offspringette Lands, Shamelessly Plugs.

  • Posh digs and yomping through the hills to make ageing execs feel all up-and-at-'em. '

    Be My Enemy

  • I'd initially assumed this was a nickname for The Perch or The Trout Inn, but no -- an entirely new pub, got to by a rural and very green route that was perfectly suited to bike-yomping. mzdt, we must go!

    Jim, Jim the cyclin' foo'

  • It was after an afternoon yomping on the Heath with my shark-toothed Staffie that I first discovered it, for there we came upon a boisterous convention of border terriers, shar-peis and boxers waiting with their owners to enter the coin-operated dog shower.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • Or even the green lidded Tail End Charlie flying the Union Flag from his CEFO when yomping into Stanley in 1982.

    Army Rumour Service

  • We walk through a mix of dusty dirt track roads through Afghan villages talking to local elders, yomping slowly through the fertile fruit orchards of plums and pomegranates, and jumping over six foot walls.

    Theodore's World


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