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  • you would have; you’d have, you would’ve; you woulda.


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  • Unless you encountered us in person, in which case you'd've heard "Oh, yeah, we're not dating anymore, but we're still friends."


  • Re: Don't know if you'd've DIED here in the U.S. - gaia_kiari - Mar. 23rd, 2010 01: 37 pm (UTC) Expand

    Health Care at Last

  • Don't know if you'd've DIED here in the U.S. - justinvest - Mar. 23rd, 2010 07: 54 am (UTC) Expand

    Health Care at Last

  • "You'd think you'd've chucked your Catholic inhibitions long ago."

    One Billionth of a Lifetime

  • "If it had been a cow patty, you'd've eaten it and said it was delicious."

    A Girl's Legs Stirring The Air

  • If you'd really gone online and looked up something about where you were going, you'd've just destroyed the hard drive and done it as soon as you left.


  • I know Gore doesn't want to endorse anybody, but you'd've thought he'd've at least commented on the gas tax rebate boondoggle, wonder why he didn't (or maybe he did and I missed it) ...

    Uncommitted Super-Del: How Could I Tell My Black Constituents I'm Backing Hillary?

  • We were curious as to what you'd've thought of the process as practiced up here, compared to the US.

    slim minority

  • When you sacrifice story and character for some didactic point you're trying to make, you have lost the whole point of telling the story at all; you'd've been better off writing an essay.

    All We Know of Heaven: The Problem of Susan

  • I'd no longer be an online fixture; you'd've had to visit me in my new home in the Pantyhose section of Bloomingdales to get your MissPinkKate fix.

    misspinkkate Diary Entry


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