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  • pro. you.


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  • An Environmental Impact Statement from the Forest Service was included, either in the interest of justice or in a CYA — cover your ass — capacity, stating that there was no hard evidence of spotted owl activity in that tract of forest land.


  • “Now, I suggest you apologize to Miss Stacy and sit your ass down so we can enjoy our meal.”

    Red Hats

  • "And your ass is grass if it gets away from you," said Do-Wop, nodding in sympathy.

    Phule me twice

  • You can so sell things during the breaks—you know: pills that make your ass smaller, your dong bigger, your wrinkles harder to see, your kids smarter, your marriage better, your attitude shinier, your …

    Roseanne Archy

  • I guess Neck Brace Girl was supposed to take the fall for all of us—for every time you slipped and fell on your ass on an ice patch right in front of the school bus, every time you drooled food onto your shirt because your braces had just been tightened.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • Then to Veasey he said, “She just saved your ass from getting killed, on account of if I shoot you unarmed the law will be on me.”

    Cold Mountain

  • “Harold Steven Washington, get your ass out of that bed and come eat this food before I throw it on you!” she yelled.

    Red Hats

  • You push little Ms. Mary Poppins in a corner and she’ll knock your ass out with her umbrella.

    Magic City

  • Mother******, you tried to kick me, I’ll kick your ass back, was what I was thinking.

    Follow the Model


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