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  • Was I not justified in thinking that at least some two or three of these had dealt with my conduct, when your lordship held the metropolitan press in terrorem over my head?

    Dr. Wortle's School

  • 'Permit me to put it in, my lord,' said Belinda, returning the pocket-book to him, 'and to beg you will give Lady Delacour the pleasure of seeing you: she has inquired several times whether your lordship were at home.


  • "Hif your lordship would 'old your 'ead still for one minute," he scolded a few moments later, "hit would be done and over with."

    Ungrateful Governess

  • When I had once addressed your lordship in public, I had exhausted all the art of pleasing which a retired and uncourtly scholar can possess.

    Selected English Letters

  • Earl St. Vincent he assured, that if the French were above water he would find them out: he still held his opinion that they were bound for Egypt: "but," said he to the First Lord of the Admiralty, "be they bound to the Antipodes, your lordship may rely that I will not lose a moment in bringing them to action."

    The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson

  • And for the epick poem your lordship bid me look at — upon taking the length, breadth, height, and depth of it, and trying them at home upon an exact scale of

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

  • As the newspaper sent to me, no doubt by your lordship's orders, from the palace, has been accompanied by no letter, it may be necessary that your lordship should be troubled by a subp+oena, so as to prove that the newspaper alluded to by your lordship is the one against which my proceedings will be taken.

    Dr. Wortle's School

  • Their meeting with your lordship was accidental, and they fought only in self-defence; for they had no orders to attack any body.

    The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne: A Highland Story

  • I think I have now given your lordship a very full, true, and particular account of our royal visit, unmatched even by that of King Charles at the Castle of Tillietudlem.

    Selected English Letters


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