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  • interj. A general purpose insult, often used to comedic effect due to becoming stale.


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  • Also, your mom wants to know how long she's going to be stuck with BabyJon; I guess he's teething again.

    Undead and Unworthy

  • OK, I know this sounds ridiculous—but when your mom was reading about Percy and Bones, I felt like Wise Dominic was speaking right to me, like he was a messenger or something.

    The Welkening

  • “That ‘cute little puppy dog’ has more friends than Farkle, you, and your mom all put together!”

    Beacon Street Girls: Ready! Set! Hawaii!

  • Varicose veins run in families, which means you should get on the phone and start yelling at your mom and grandmother for passing on lousy genes to you.

    You’ll Lose the Baby Weight

  • “Wait, is your mom the town astronomer, Dr. Penshine, the one who always wears those stupid T-shirts?”

    The Wish Stealers

  • Once Claire understands what is happening, she begins laughing and cannot stop, convulsing in her seat while her friend Dana quietly pinches her and recites a list of items sure to sadden: “Dead kittens, dead puppies, your brothers with ice picks in their heads, your mom dies, your dad dies, Michael Angel dies…”

    Some Fun

  • It gives your mom and Mrs. Ashburn the mornings free to do things, and it will be a break for you boys.


  • Do you suppose your mom baked that Yigrish cream pie she promised?


  • “Hey, Griffin, did your mom ever say anything about black holes?” asked Robert Winbell.

    The Wish Stealers

  • “I spoke to your mom when she was here on Parent Day,” Mr. Harkin said.



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  • It is a retort or what can be considered a 'come back' in any argument. It is also used to lighten up the mood in a conversation, provided the people in participating are open minded to accept abuses.

    Person 1: "I so loved the movie ____"
    Person 2 (Who may not really have liked the movie): "I so loved you mom!"

    June 9, 2009

  • Oy.

    October 12, 2007

  • When she sits around the house, she's really fat.

    October 12, 2007