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  • Used to close a note or letter.
  • pro. I, me, or myself.


yours + truly. Since the late 1700s as a closing in a letter. Since the mid-1800s for "I," "me," or "myself." (Wiktionary)


  • If this is the case, I can guarantee you that yours truly and a legion of gays will systematically begin making the designer rounds for the perfect tuxedos, slim suits or man-frocks for their special occasion.

    Malcolm Harris: The Dilemma of Gay Marriage: And What to Wear?

  • "This man --" Ulin said, and an image insert of yours truly opened in the lower right corner of the screen. "-- is Ellis Herrick.

    New Race

  • And while you guys were out finding bodies, right here in the megalopolis of West Glacier, crime capital of the world, yours truly was called on to risk life and honor shooing a chipmunk out of some lady from Virginia's tent.

    Blood Lure

  • In L.A. it was Yoga Booty Balance class, which “combines fun, heart-pumping moves with a dash of yoga”; Pilates was the exercise in New York, led by a guru who has worked with the likes of Madonna and Uma Thurman; and in Chicago it was yours truly and strength training.

    Lange 2010

  • Everyone seemed to want a bloody war except Hardinge and yours truly — but I could see why Jawaheer's need was more urgent than most.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • Pippi often wore long, stripy socks (as yours truly has been known to do).

    You Suck


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