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  • n. A round cushion used for sitting during meditation.


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Japanese 座蒲, "cattail seat"; Chinese 蒲团.


  • A zafu is a round cushion, about 14-inches in diameter and about 8-inches tall, designed to raise the hips and make most if not all of the cross-legged sitting-meditation positions more stable and comfortable.

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  • A nice, inexpensive meditation cushion called a zafu made all the difference in the world, and probably saved my practice.

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  • Ponlop notes wryly that he has encountered students who think they can't meditate properly unless they're sitting on precisely the "right" kind of zafu - they moan if asked to go out into the fresh air and practise sitting on a park bench, as if that experience wasn't enlightened enough.

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  • You don't need the 'right' kind of zafu to be a Buddhist | Ed Halliwell

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  • I rose earlier in the mornings and sat on a zafu by the pool before my wife left for work, timing my sitting so that I could prepare coffee for her before she left, before she left for work without saying goodbye save to raise that middle finger.

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  • Art worked the store by himself during the week while June stayed at home, cutting and sewing in her converted dinning room workshop, making yoga bolsters, zabuton, zafu, and buckwheat hull pillows.

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  • Place your zafu meditation cushion in a conspicuous place in your home, such as on your bedroom floor.

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  • On the zafu and on the trail, Ed Brickell vows to honor his teachers past and present.

    "The Halloween Monk"

  • On the West Coast, Kelly was head of a "family" that manufactured "window pane" LSD, an adventure that allowed him to live the high life and to blow minds with well-refined molecules before he learned to help people blow open on the meditation zafu.

    Craig K. Comstock: The Making of a Teacher

  • "MINDFULNESS" WORKSHOP, Mary French offers tips on meditation; take a bag lunch and yoga mat or zafu cushion; chairs will be available. 9: 30 a. m.-4: 30 p.m.,

    Montgomery County community calendar, May 6-13, 2010


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