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  • n. In Proto-Indo-European linguistics, a term used to describe an ablaut form of a root characterized by the absence of the basic ablauting vowel phonemes */e/ and */o/.


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  • If Hittite would have a meaning for a word with this root in the zero-grade which could be plausibly changed to get the meaning that we find in the Greek word.

    Missing honey

  • Technically *mélit displays proper form with full-grade in the accented syllable and zero-grade in the unaccented and it also is supported by reflexes in Celtic, Germanic, Latin, Greek and Anatolian languages.

    My sweet honey bee

  • She should be able to handle a zero-grade hike without breaking a sweat.


  • My understanding of Greek morphophonology is far too feeble to tell if this is possible or nonsense, but I wonder if the Greek word could be a zero-grade derivativ.

    Edward Sapir and the Philistine headdress

  • With that said, the age of *-tó- seems confirmed by the fact that its earliest formations involve zero-grade of the root.

    The PIE *to-participle in my subjective-objective model

  • No, it's not because the first syllable is full-grade and accented in "hand" but unaccented and zero-grade in "father".

    I tripped over Pre-IE the other day

  • Mindless blatherings from zero-grade 'leaders' is not what we need right now. News

  • I used to watch crap like this all the time when I was a kid -- zero-grade sex comedies with forgettable casts and asinine plots, that littered the landscape of late-night cable for many years.


  • That’s when the Big Brother housemates stop being fun people locked in a box on TV and become dreadful grasping attention-seeking “yes, that’s right, it’s me” zero-grade sub-celebrities living off a non-existent sense of entitlement who’d turn up to the launch of a baby murdering factory so long as there were nibbles and a chance that someone from Heat would take a picture of them standing next to a baby’s head on a spike.

    Chantelle – Living The Dream!


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