from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • transitive v. To stupefy; stun.
  • transitive v. To intoxicate with drugs or alcohol: "zonk their patients with tranquilizers” ( Psychology Today).
  • intransitive v. To become intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

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  • n. An unfavorable card or token, or undesirable or worthless item used as a prize in a contest or game show (such as Let's Make a Deal).
  • n. A feeling of a drug taking hold.
  • v. To make (someone) sleepy or delirious.
  • v. To become exhausted, sleepy or delirious.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Origin unknown.


  • But now, waking up from The Obama Show is like being on "Let's Make a Deal" and trading in your winning prize hidden under box number 1 for the "zonk" behind curtain number 2.

    American Thinker

  • Although he's found that some players are less willing to risk losing prize money in the current economy, he's equally surprised by how many gamble on the tantalizing possibility of a valuable prize versus the risk of a "zonk," something silly and worthless.

    Rocky Mount Telegram - Business

  • While she is in school or on play dates, I will give myself time to zonk out, if I need to.

    Hollye Harrington Jacobs: Talking With Children About Chemotherapy

  • Jednak ponieważ zakazany owoc kusi, wielu z nich dokonuje aktualizacji, tudzież instalacji, żeby zobaczyć co nowego i czy można już przestać wylewać łzy po, odchodzącej w niepamięć, wersji 3.5: P. Wielu spotyka w takim momencie zonk w postaci czarnej tapety na pulpicie i zaczyna się lament, na różnych forach, że znowu dostaliśmy wersję oznaczoną okrągłym numerem, która tak naprawdę jest jeszcze wczesną alfą i wraca do stabilnego GNOME.

    Kiedy przywita nas czarny ekran...

  • You thank your genetic and behavioral disposition to be able to zonk out in the seated position.

    > Leave Perth

  • I can drink a gallon of coffee at 6: 00pm and still zonk out at 10 p.m. as if on command.

    Kim Stagliano: My Sleep Story: Almost Too Embarrassing To Share

  • Media focus has been on Miami the last two weeks with the Super Bowl, and now that the Saints have won and taken the trophy back to New Orleans - site of the future HBO series 'Treme' - it's FINALLY time for Toobworld to address a Miami zonk from last year......


  • When I booked the flight, I made sure it was a non-stop flight (United Flight 315 from La Guardia) so I could take a sleeping pill and zonk out.

    United's definition of "Non-Stop"

  • | Reply | Permalink swarty -- right on regarding Elizabeth Edwards. zonk -- you are crazy funny as usual

    Rasmussen: Post-Kennedy Endorsement, Obama Only Down By Six In Massachusetts

  • Putting the Clinton money together with the Obama mojo would be really impressive! zonk wrote on January 7, 2008 10: 45 AM:

    Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Zogby: Obama Leads By Ten Points In New Hampshire


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