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  • adj. zoological


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  • Also, significant meteorologic, magnetic, and zoologic study was undertaken.

    The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration

  • In my study and observation of the intelligence, character and temperament (ICT) of black people, better the zoologic or anthropologic nomenclature: NEGRO people, I once thought that the Negro is very intuitive, superiorly equiped with instictual faculty for choosing the best option in living.

    New Profile Of The Black Man

  • And horses in the phylo-genetic line are more ancient than dogs: they are lower in the zoologic scale.

    Lola or, The Thought and Speech of Animals

  • The various zoologic species result from these differences.


  • Fundamentally, life manifests itself in all grades of the zoologic hierarchy as a union of Volition (or what appears in action as Volition) with some particular point in the universe of physical Energy, the union constituting what we call a living organism.

    Essays Towards a Theory of Knowledge

  • Later he undertook a botanic and zoologic exploration to

    Short Stories and Selections for Use in the Secondary Schools

  • No collections of botanical, zoologic, or paleontologic materials were made in the Chaco Canyon area until

    Tseh So, a Small House Ruin, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico :

  • Then, suddenly, —that is, suddenly in zoologic sense—both completely died out in their ancient home, and the horses in South America also, whereas half a dozen very distinct species are still found in Asia and Africa.

    VIII. Primeval Man; and the Horse, the Lion, and the Elephant

  • Modern zoologic science explodes the popular fallacy that chameleons assume, and reflect at will, the color of the substance on which they rest or feed; but, with a profound salaam to savants, it is respectfully submitted that the mental saurian -- human thought -- certainly takes its changing hues, day by day, from the books through which it crawls devouringly.

    St. Elmo


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