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  • To begin with on this body-armour business, BAE paid out, some years ago, compensation to the U.S. over zylon, a defective component of body-armour which degrades over time:

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Why don’t these nazi’s just carry a can of zylon-B with them?

    Think Progress » Holding up the health care bill, Rep. Gohmert shouts, ‘I brought an abortion to show you today.’

  • April 13th, 2009 at 9: 42 am satan is real, by his spirit and satanic powers controls the adminstrators at dhs. dhs is a satanic agency in league with satan global plan of his nwo. satan will protect his kids by removing the we the peoples guns so when satan keys up the next phase of his opperations in order to move without conflict it will be nessary for the guns to be off the street. then the dhs will begin moving people into fema camps where zylon-b gas can be adminstered like in the 3rd reich. we live in nazi germany controled by the illuminati banksters under orders from satan. america is a nation of rebels satan knows that and will in my opinion nuke this country with neutron bombs, the next 9 / 11 will be remarkable! if the population can not defend there homes property or self then the army of satan can physically take control of the country. but keep in mind satan is only the god of this age not god! satan is moving fast because his days are short and yahshua's return is also soon. remember the end time beast government will be a revived roman empire in europe with branches all over the globe any nation who banks with the bank of england! if ones reads danial 7: 4 america is described as the eagle that broke off the back of the lion great britten! god the father will free up america of the bankers the fed bank and the

    Alex Jones' Prison


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