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  • Fazoo Fa*zoo Noun.

    1: A very hyper, small, orange, long and haired monkey that came from the Netherland;. syn: Orangezoo , Gazoo, Pazo, mazoo.

    The Fazoo was running through the forest and ran into the tree and feel unconscious!



    circa 2012. Modern English. American English< “Fuzzy” 1610s, "soft, spongy," from fuzz + -y (2). From 1713 as "covered with fuzz;" 1778 as "blurred;" and 1937 as "imprecise," with reference to thought, etc. “Zoo” a combining form meaning “living being “animal,” used in the formation of compound words: zoometry; zooplankton and combining form representing Greek zôion animal


    Fa*zoo*ly- Adverb

    Fa*zoo*ed - verb

    October 2, 2012

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