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  • Nikai is a strong global masculine name that has connections in Hebrew, Greek, Navajo, Greek, Thai, Dutch and Japanese.

    Hebrew: Nikai was a famous Scribe in the Talmud. Also, it means innocent or saint. (Hebrew) On Mankind Their Origin and Destiny, 1872, Arthur Dyott Thomson

    Greek: Nikai are personnifications of Victory and defenders of the goddess Nike.

    Navajo: “The Navajo name for Spaniard is Nakai or Nikai, meaning "those who wander around," referring to the various expeditions that frequently came into Navajo country.”

    Thai: Nikai is a work used to describe a new order/fraternity of Thai Buddist monks. "Nikai means the sect that acts 'in accordance with the Dhamma'" Buddism and Postmodern Imaginings in Thailand, James Taylor

    Japanese: meaning Second

    I know this is a fairly common Dutch boy's name, can anyone shed any light on its Dutch meaning?

    March 26, 2012

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