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  • how interesting!

    December 6, 2007

  • Oh, thank you. I needed a laugh! :D I've met a lot of "clippy"s. :)

    October 6, 2007

  • Liver is a term used to describe coat coloration in dogs and horses. :) It's a dark brownish color. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions! Can't believe I forgot them! lol

    September 26, 2007

  • great! oh boy, now we will have to start a whole new series of 'names' lists. hehe. :D

    Humptulips? I mean, c'mon! lol....can you picture the town meetings when they decided the official name of the river? :D

    September 19, 2007

  • Well, I suppose we can deduce that the settlers of gnatstown were very honest...or very uncreative. :D How do they reel in the tourists? "Come to Gnatstown! Free bug screens for every visitor!"


    September 19, 2007

  • ahhh, I see! :) That's much less unnerving. :D

    September 19, 2007

  • great! :D I love this..I hope we get all 50 states on Wordie! :D

    September 19, 2007

  • afterpants? Do I want to know?

    September 18, 2007

  • I just 'favorited' this list because it creeps me out so much! I'm not sure what that says about me.

    Not sure if you can work this in...but how about when people say "nine-one-one" instead of "nine-eleven" for September 11th? That one really drives me crazy.

    September 18, 2007

  • timothy hay??!!! I hope that's not a person! lol

    September 18, 2007

  • oooo, you beat me to Smallville and Xfiles words! :D Well, I'll just have to avoid looking at yours until I do mine and then we can compare words! :D

    February 4, 2007

  • I'm enjoying 43 things as well! I'm pretty new to it though. :D

    February 4, 2007

  • Literally a bite and a kiss at the same time. An action perfected by my dog, Annabeth. This activity occurs when Annabeth is very happy and very upset at the same moment. Characterized by a tiny nip on the lip as the tongue gently licks. The number of kissybites that occur in a row is directly proportional to the length of time Annabeth and the offending subject are absent from one another.

    December 6, 2006

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  • *waves* hi! nice to see you over here. (deb/whatever1013 from librarything)

    December 17, 2006

  • I love 43things, and practically live there, (when I tried to type "love," it came out "live")! Cheers!!!

    December 15, 2006