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  • Timshel means Dare? Born a sinner I must dare to contend with sin, else I shall run true to form. To me this is what separates a man from a beast. He sees that his greater part is the morphic spirit. Though born a beast he may choose to be as he wills to be, not as he was born to be. Not that it's easy, he must have courage. I shouldn't eat this whole bag of chips right now but I choose to serve the beast. So, should not the transliteration of timshel be 'thou darest' (to avoid sin)? Would a Victorian even say "darest"? Hassidics won't mind arguing the finer points of Hebrew til the sun burns out and the ocean dries up so let's hear it. When I read "East of Eden" all those years ago it made me wonder about this.

    July 23, 2019

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