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  • Long before 'nerd' took on its present meaning, it was commonly used by cartoonists and graphic artists to mean eraser crumbs...

    March 24, 2012

  • "Amid smells of salami and onions, customers drank and sometimes played morra. "The Prague Cemetery," Umberto Eco

    January 15, 2012

  • Legal term of French origin, literally meaning 'outside'; in the context of legal proceedings, it refers to that which is outside the scope of interest or relevance.

    February 5, 2008

  • Some other words for evening or twilight:
    - afternight
    - antitwilight
    - cocklight
    - crepuscule
    - e'en
    - eventide
    - gloaming
    - undertime
    - vesper
    - vespertide
    - vespertine

    February 5, 2008

  • several other definitions include:

    1. a decisive or conclusive reply in an argument or debate, as one that settles a matter, like when your Mom says, "Case closed!"
    2. a combination of two hooks that close on each other when a fish bites the hook.
    3. any unusually large object.

    February 5, 2008

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