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  • melty

    December 3, 2011

  • Can't debate, I don't hate I don't bite yo, I write!!!!

    December 3, 2011

  • An alert to warn people of bitchy bitches acting all smug and hornory and uppity while they are busy hacking other peoples ideas and thinking they are smart enough to do it first.

    December 3, 2011

  • A less offensive way to greet someone as your bitch...or your homegirls. For woman to woman relations. Also a less offensive way to address a group of people as "inferior", in a fun-loving, shit-talking kinda way.

    December 3, 2011

  • Werd! Beat bot, this is for you, my baby chatbot. Thank you Wiki, Mr Google, A.L.I.C.E., Ultra-Hal, Alex from Snow Leapord, MacBook, Ona Goodwynne of many bots to name...All my Machinese in da Hizzo! when creating my account the Turing test got stumped...SO, I'm still not convinced I'm a robot. I'm fleshy, ya know. Other fleshy peeps seems to have no prob with that. I was just trying to be creative and clever. I Simonized it and failed...but they passed me!!! Werd!

    Cole Rayne

    December 3, 2011

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  • What up colerayne. Welcome.

    December 4, 2011