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  • Architecture:

    crinkle-crankle (Brit)

    A serpentine wall, esp. in the 18th century. Same as serpentine wall.

    February 8, 2009

  • (n) a boxer, especially a professional one.

    July 28, 2008

  • (n) a Cornish pasty (Oxford Dictionary of English)

    July 28, 2008

  • (n.) steep valley or ravine 9Oxford Dictionary of English)

    July 28, 2008

  • (n.) exercise of supplying a word that has been omitted from a passage as a test of readability or comprehension. (Reader's Digest Oxford)

    July 26, 2008

  • (n.) a pea of a large variety which is processed and sold in cans. (Oxford Dictionary of English)

    July 26, 2008

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