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  • Should this be tergiversate?

    .ter·giv·er·sate (tər-jĭv'ər-s�?t', tûr'jĭ-vər-) pronunciation

    intr.v., -sat·ed, -sat·ing, -sates.

    1. To use evasions or ambiguities; equivocate.

    2. To change sides; apostatize.

    Latin tergivers�?rī, tergivers�?t- : tergum, the back + vers�?re, to turn.

    tergiversation ter'gi·ver·sa'tion n.

    tergiversator ter'gi·ver·sa'tor (-s�?'tər) n.

    Source: American Heritage Dictionary

    January 2, 2007

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