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  • basis

    I am in cape town, south africa and our local television broadcasts a lot of usa/hollywood

    films & programms. what i have noticed is that the use of many words have been twisted. from the definition of the word 'basis', how do get a 'basis' that occurs daily/monthly an so on? it is another action that occurs daily upon which the subsequent occurence or item is based? in an afrikaans program, an actress said "my kinders is by my elke dag" and the english subtitle had "my children are with me on a daily basis". what ever happened to the simple "I read the daily newspaper"? you don't go to a shop to get a daily basis. a statue doesn't get a new pedestal everday!

    for example - the children go to school on a bus each day, they dont go on a daily basis to school.

    how did the usage of the word "basis" 'creep' into everyday use like this. the english language has become "sophisticated" (the real meaning/etymology i use the soed v6 and older )!

    September 9, 2009

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