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  • See also: Extra-illustrated

    "1. Books enlarged by post-publication insertion of matter illustrative of text e.g. portraits, maps, letters. The matter may involve mounting the original pages on larger sheets and rebinding into several volumes. Often called 'Grangerized' after the 'Biographical History of England,' published by Granger in 1769 with blank leaves for this purpose. A favourite subject is Clarendon's 'History of the Great Rebellion,' of which a copy in the Bodelian Library is a particularly celebrated example. 2. In a less objectionable meaning, the practice of issuing a parallel edition of a work with many more illustrations than are printed in the cheaper editions.

    "The catalogue entry for an extra-illustrated book will mention this fact as a note, since the presence of the additional illustrations renders the copy unique, possibly increases its value and cannot properly be included in collation."

    - "Encyclopedia of Librarianship" by Thomas Landau

    September 11, 2008

  • Defined as the soft earth dug from a grave.

    August 21, 2008

  • To my knowledge, this is a word first used in Charles Dickens' "Nicholas Nickleby." From what I can tell, it means to beat (or to be drunk/smashed).


    "At the theatre entrance there was more banging and more bustle, and there were also Messrs Pyke and Pluck waiting to escort her to her box; and so polite were they, that Mr Pyke threatened with many oaths to `smifligate` a very old man with a lantern who accidentally stumbled in her way--to the great terror of Mrs Nickleby, who, conjecturing more from Mr Pyke`s excitement than any previous acquaintance with the etymology of the word that smifligation and bloodshed must be in the main one and the same thing, was alarmed beyond expression, lest something should occur." (Nicholas Nickleby, Chapter 27)

    August 21, 2008

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