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  • Listed as in: "Kate Hudson is apartment- shopping in New York with an eye to living here part-time with her rekindled flame Owen Wilson, according to a pal." (NY Daily News, 04/01/2008)

    April 2, 2008

  • As in: "Last night I drank so much tequila, man. I was bombed!"

    January 17, 2008

  • what about nunchaku?

    January 6, 2007

  • As in . . . "The contingent from the Granite State - home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary - snacked on sushi and watched the ball drop from inside the cozy confines of Giuliani's 22nd-floor offices." (from the New York Daily News, 07/01/05).

    January 5, 2007

  • Nerds of the World, Unite!

    December 10, 2006

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