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  • John is absolutely right.. which is why Sifry's error in writing down what I had originally written can be confusing. Peter Morville was speaking of something quite different than what I meant by Serendipitous Connectibility... It will be interesting to see how these terms live on in the future.

    March 28, 2009

  • Sifry attributes the term to a blog entry by Punya Mishra. Funnily enough Sifry made a mistake in his writing, since this was NOT the term used by Mishra. The original term (as posted in this initial note) was "Serendipitious Connectability."

    How Seremdipitious Connectibility the term came to be, and how it relates to other terms such as Ambient Findability, & Practical Obscurity can be found here: Serendipitous Connectibility, A short history of an idea

    March 28, 2009

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