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  • Totally _not_ a condition. About the best thing in the entire world. -grin-

    October 28, 2007

  • I'm putting this into the same category as 'nipping things in the butt' and 'ex-specially'!

    October 25, 2007

  • I can't get over all of you linguaphiles and these lists! It's a true thing of beauty. -grin-

    October 23, 2007

  • Thank you, thank you! I figured it was best to start off that way, instead of wait until later. I've only been here a few times, but this site is going to become my new obsession. -grin-

    October 23, 2007

  • I'm still trying to figure out the nuances of this message system, but 'Hi!' Your lists are a thing of beauty. -grin-

    - Jen

    October 23, 2007

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  • Good thinking! I did something similar after the fact and it was a real chore reorganizing! :-)

    October 22, 2007

  • I love the fact that you've gone ahead and created one list for each letter of the alphabet. That's bold and daring. :) Welcome to Wordie!

    October 22, 2007